🌟 Week in Review 🌟By Fiona Jacobs


Last Thursday marked my final day at work before some much-needed time off. Come Friday, I found myself in the hospital, nerves on edge, only to be informed that it wasn't cysts causing my discomfort. Instead, arthritis has made its presence felt all around my chest. Such news, while a relief, felt like another setback amidst my already intense pain. On a new medication, yet the benefits remain elusive and have left me feeling more fragile.

Worryingly, memory loss has begun to creep in. It was a challenge to share this with my daughter, partner, and friends - it's both terrifying and, at times, embarrassing. Additionally, my ability to hear others has diminished; conversations often sound muffled, making interactions tricky.

Life with a disability presents numerous challenges that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Just this weekend, during a dinner out, an aggressive individual approached our table. While others thought he was joking, my past experience with domestic abuse instantly kicked my Fight or Flight mechanism into gear. The episode left me on high alert, questioning whether my heightened reactions are protective or if I need to seek help like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to manage them better.

**✨ Reach Out, Connect, & Support ✨**

Sharing experiences can be healing, and to that end, I've started an Instagram account - Fionagail2000. Here, I'll be documenting my journey, offering insights, and providing support. We all require a helping hand, so please feel free to follow and connect. Remember, silence isn't the answer.

**🎶 Song of the Week:** "Everybody" by Anthony Hamilton.

Sending you all strength and positivity,
Fi xx

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