"Do what makes you feel good," they say! Written by Fiona Jacobs

Well, I've made up my mind to incorporate a quick morning workout with upbeat music and indulge in healthy smoothies. The treatment for my severe arthritis affects my immune system, prompting me to take extra care of myself. Fingers crossed, the medication will work its magic soon. Though it's frustrating, I'm hopeful that the treatment will eventually show its benefits.

Living with an invisible disability has its challenges, as few truly understand. It can be quite difficult, but I persevere. The key is to remain patient and persistent; that way, I'll notice a difference in due course. Taking care of our bodies is essential, so always remember to check in with yourself.

This Friday, I'll be in the hospital having the cysts in my breasts drained. It's vital to prioritize our health, especially as women with hormones causing various problems. Despite it all, we carry on, believing it's our role to do so.

I urge you all to make time for yourselves and focus on healing. Not all superheroes wear capes, and sometimes, the bravest thing is being kind to ourselves. Same time next week, I'll be back with more updates. Take care, Fi Xx

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