Wellness Wednesday with Fiona Jacobs-Finding Happiness in Self-Care: Prioritising Your Health and Well-being

What is your outlook on life ?

Be happy with what you have and not what you seek. Set goals and surround yourself with people who share your positivity.
Life is too short to go over the past. This is how I think and act now but not how I thought a long time ago. They say as we get older we get wiser but I believe we maybe have so much thrown as us that eventually we just have enough and realise we have to be a bit selfish in life to be happy.
As much as I love my job I finally booked a week off to have some me time. Me and my partner went to the beach and took the dog. This was the first break I’ve had without the responsibility of young children and it definitely was what I needed. Each day we woke and walked along the beach into town. Water for me is therapy and the only time I don’t feel pain as much.
My job is managing a spa too so I’m surrounded by it.
I had my palm read while away but it was extremely interesting, I was told I have a lot of energy that I have to use but to be careful and use it wisely and at the same time take time out to relax as my health will struggle.
I’m an extremely caring person and have always been there for others but now is the time to focus on me. It’s so true isn’t it ! Some of us put everyone or everything else first and forget about ourselves but if we keep doing this then our health will become worse and we will suffer in the end. People say be selfish but I disagree with using the word Selfish as how is it selfish putting yourself first when it comes to your health ? Remember take time out for you, Retreat, spa, beach or a simple walk. Anything that makes you feel better is surely a good thing !
by Fi Xx

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