Too young for arthritis? ( Written by Fiona Jacobs)

Did you know? There's a myriad of arthritis types. Some stem from simple wear and tear, while others are due to autoimmune diseases. Arthritis doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, or reason.

Since my diagnosis and time off from work, I've found solace in simple pleasures like long dog walks with friends. And yes, I've been sleeping more—but evidently, my body needs it.

A recent update from my specialist added another type of arthritis to my repertoire. It's a stern reminder to tune in to my body's signals.

Venturing outside my comfort zone, I've enrolled in an online course. The application was a challenge, but I'm fueled by a nagging feeling that there's still another path meant for me.

So, if you're nursing a dream or a burning desire, chase it. What's the worst outcome? Even if we falter initially, we grow and get a second shot, armed with experience.

Keep pushing forward. Don't let pain define you. Be the indomitable spirit who learns to thrive in its presence. Always remember, you're more than your pain.

With love,
Fi Xx

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