Wellness Wednesday with Fiona Jacobs

A Journey Through Invisible Pain: Finding Strength and Happiness!

Well yet another week has flown by, been a bit of a crazy one to be honest. Im now a few weeks into my new treatment and yet to see a change but staying hopeful. I have to admit Saturday I had a meltdown and felt like everything had got on top of me but with a bit of love and support to I’m back to normal.

The thing I find most difficult is having an invisible disability that people can’t see or understand.

I’ve been thinking about my dad quite a lot lately and how his sudden death has affected me.

My dad took ill and I knew he was dying but yet no one around me would listen or help. I do believe when we suffer trauma if affects us more than we realise. I asked someone the other day why they smiled so much when they spoke to me and they replied because you make me happy, you are always smiling and I love being at work when you are’ this melted me and made me realise that even though I have tough days and feel useless that I still make people happy and that’s a good thing right ?
Fi Xx

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