What Can I Say?

This week has been tough.

I love the sun which I know most of us do and it makes us feel so happy.

Problem is heat is not good for me.

I have however chose to ignore this and work on my garden and now have extended it to a ditch in front of my driveway!!!

I know when I’m in a good place as my creative side comes out.

My home is my safe place and makes me very proud to see what I’ve achieved alone.

The home I lived in for 27yrs held a lot of bad memories so for me to risk being homeless with my daughter and leave was worth it.

Now I feel I can focus on my health.
The consultant I see did explain having psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia was the worst quality of life.

But we don’t listen to that because if I have coped so long with it then I’ll cope better knowing what I’m dealing with.

When I can’t get into jars or open bottles and smash glasses I try now to not get upset about it and just keep persevering. Nothing will come between me and Prosecco (joking)

I think what I’m trying to say is that no matter what obstacles are thrown at you just keep going and find something which brings you joy and distracts you.
Fi Xx

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