Short and sweet this week, guys. Fiona Jacobs


Since last week, I have spent it feeling extremely unwell. I am in agony and have hardly any energy. I was due back to work yesterday, but the doctor has signed me off and basically told me to allow myself to digest my diagnosis and listen to my body.

I love going to work, but I must admit that at the moment I do not feel physically or mentally able to.

This coming Friday, I am seeing a specialist physiotherapist. Even I get bad days/weeks; I'm no hero and don't pretend to be either.

My antidepressants have also doubled to help deal with the pain, so I'm currently lying in bed feeling drowsy. I'm going to take this time to give my body a break, watch rubbish TV, enjoy the sun, relax, and take a nap when I need to and try to avoid any stress.

If you feel like this at any given moment, be sure to see your GP. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed, and don't let people tell you you're lazy. Put yourself in a bubble and don't let anyone else pop it for you.

Next week will be so much better.

Fiona Jacobs

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