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Is your child struggling at school or finding reading and learning difficult?

Are you concerned that your child is not meeting his/her potential?

Do you feel that there is something holding him/her back?


MindWorkOut use Fast ForWord programs for English, Maths and Non-verbal Reasoning for students and struggling learners.

With Fast ForWord you can do what you cannot do with any other intervention:

You start with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and systematically develop reading, language and comprehension skills, using the principles of neuroplasticity.


What is Fast Forword® ?

Do you find that sometimes you or your child can –

    • struggle with reading and retention?
    • struggle with spellings or numerical calculations?
    • find it hard to stay focused and take in key information?
    • have difficulty speaking clearly and eloquently?
    • lack confidence in social situations or in class?
    • get frustrated or even emotional when learning?

Fast Forword® is a series of fun and interactive home e-learning programs that are currently transforming the lives of thousands of children and adults across the UK.

Fast Forword® is also used in a number of schools including independent, mainstream and special needs schools.

It is the result of over 30 years of scientific research into how we learn and it makes a difference by developing and strengthening essential cognitive skills (sometimes Fast Forword® is called a ‘brain fitness programme’).

MindWorkOut is excited to add this to our portfolio of products and services.

It is suitable for children of all abilities, from the top of the class, to those who need a little extra help and right through to the severely dyslexic or autistic.

After three months of using Fast Forword® training program, you will see improvements in: 

Language and words:  word confidence, pronunciation, vocabulary spontaneity and, ability to listen, retain information, answer questions, follow a conversation and contribute.

Reading –  reading speed, confidence and ability to take in written information.

Self confidence – memory for detail, ability to participate in or speak to a group or class and overall performance at work or in school.

Numeracy – number processing, understanding and calculations.

Individualised and Differentiated

Each learner using the Fast ForWord® program is placed at the right starting level based on my recommendation, then follows a differentiated learning path that adapts with every click of the mouse. This ensures that each participant gets the individualised instruction they need.


The online Fast ForWord® program is easy to use across settings, including home and the classroom. Learners can use the program anytime and anywhere!

Detailed graphs show progress at a very detailed level.

I am able to respond immediately when a learner needs extra support to progress.

Proven Results

Students using the Fast ForWord® program can raise their language and/or reading skill level up to 2 years in as little as 3 months in just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

More than 250 research studies prove that the Fast ForWord program can help build better learners with diverse student populations


The Fast ForWord® program is based on over 30 years of research into how the brain learns.

Fast Forword® – watch the neuroscience video

Fast Forword® exercises the brain to become better at learning.
View a 5 minute video on the neuroscience behind Fast Forword®.


Featured Reports on the Fast ForWord Language and Reading Intervention Program

Get weekly progress reports 


My Son Story 

We got our Quincy back!
The only way to explain it is that we saw our 14 month old slip away before our eyes. When autism swallowed him up. We got the diagnosis when he was 2 years old and we started early intervention, from speech and language to neurofeedback and positive affirmations. We were planning to take him to Canada to enrol in the Arrowsmith Program but he wasn’t old enough. So I’ve been training to be a neuro practitioner in the field of neuroplasticity and cognitive development for children with learning differences. Quincy was my first client and in two weeks we have seen miracles.
His teachers, our family and friends are like
"wow, Quincy is so engaged and so happy"
It’s like he’s had this fog horn screaming in his ears and it’s been so difficult for him to communicate or understand. It’s like the fog horn has been turned down. It’s like we have seen the old Quincy. The one that we thought we’d lost.
His joy is infectious. He cannot stop talking, questioning and surprising us with his independence and he wants to do things for himself.
We owe this transformation to FAST FORWORD 
MindWorkOut present FAST FORWORD 

If you would like to know more contact me call/text/email 

07841 136 782