The Personal Power One day Event

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Imagine a car trying to run with no petrol, it can only run for so long, before it breaks down and needs to be refilled.
You need to take time for yourself, if you’ve ever been on aeroplane you’ve heard them say in an emergency put your own mask on before helping others.
The same with life if you’re zapped of energy and running low you can’t help anyone let alone yourself.
ONE day with me and you’ll be re energised, inspired and ready to make some changes that will enhance your life.
Book today before places are gone. 
A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity and Achieve All Your Goals.
If you are like most people, you are overburdening yourself with tasks that do not bring you significant results. It is time that you change that.
I’ve always wondered Why are some people more successful than others what are the attributes of success?
The Personal Power ONE day event helps you to understand the psychology of success and why you think how you think.
When you learn how to set personal and professional goals you will be more effective in every area of your life. 
Newtons first law of motion  is so relevant to you, if you are not moving you need to be acted upon by an outside force ...
The Personal Power ONE day event  will give you a good push to start you moving towards your goals.
Personal Power ONE day event is the force that will get you moving in the right direction.
"If you want to make a quantum leap in the results that you achieve you actually have to adjust the way you think, not just on a daily basis but on a moment by momentary basis.” CEO Andrew Philips - 
The way we think governs our success and overall happiness.

What to expect ....

I'm inviting you to spend a full day with me at my home address.
Arrive on Sunday the 8th of September at 8.30 am this will be a very small exclusive group of men and women.
If you are sick and tired of saying "when is it my turn" ,why not take some action and join me with likeminded others and make it happen for yourself. 
I will show you l how that when you change your thinking you can change every area of your life. 
We start 9am sharp!
We delve straight into the training no time to waste, it will be enriching, informal and a safe environment to grow.
During the day we will cover several modules and complete a variety of tasks that will help you overcome the areas that are holding you back.
In How to manage your emotions, you will learn how to take complete control over your  feelings so that you can express yourself more positively and effectively in everything that you do.
In The Keys to peak Performance 
You will learn principals that have been discovered by the most successful people throughout the ages.
In Self-esteem the Master Key you will learn how you can take control over your thoughts and build yourself esteem and confidence to the point where you like and believe in yourself and develop unshakable self doubt.
In Taking Charge of your life you will learn series of specific ideas that you can use to change every part of your life. 
In the Master skill of success you will learn how to develop a personal mission statement that will enable you to feel terrific about yourself and accomplish more than ever have before.
In Seven Steps to goals attainment you learn how to achieve any goal that you set for yourself.
THE Ultimate Experience
I cannot wait to share this with you. 
ONLY 10 SPACES  Book today and secure your place.