Ife Thomas - Everything You Need to Succeed - The Podcast

Ife Thomas is a Motivational Speaker!

Ife Thomas & Chris Gregg present your weekly Mindworkout! This will help you to get everything that you want from life. It will powerlift your life, give you unshakable confidence to achieve your biggest goals and wildest dreams. It’s going to help you to create a life that you love and build the relationship you adore.

Ife Thomas is a mindset & confidence coach and does this stuff for a living.
 She has never given these life hacks away for free on a podcast before but thats about change right now.

Put on your seatbelts on buckle up and enjoy the ride. People call Ife the mother of motivation, the Confidence queen and the person you go to for positivity.

This Podcast will motivate and empower you to run at your life and the fastest way to do that is to use these techniques.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Revolution Radio! Listen on the go!! 

Pilot Episode - What to expect 


Health Check - Step on the Scales 


 Step 1 - Clarity 


 Step 2 - Mindset 



Step 4 - Building Confidence

Step 5 - Building Confidence

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