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“You are the star '⭐️'— Let me help you choreograph your life.”

Release your greatness into the universe, do what you were brought here to do.


IFE THOMAS'S Online Course.

A 12-week, interactive video-based training program that gives you the steps to success.



Confidence Star

The Confidence Star ⭐️ is the most effective way to build confidence and feel good at the same time!

Ife Thomas’s Online Course
Ife Thomas’s Online Course
Ife Thomas’s Online Course
Ife Thomas’s Online Course
Ife Thomas’s Online Course
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It feels good when you INVEST in yourself! 

Ife Thomas's Online course is a 12-week, interactive video-based training program that gives you the steps to success.

**No age limit, take your career or business to the next level.

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What People Say...

It's my "go to" book of 2017 and I've read a few!

This book will bring you clarity and focus with mini tasks in every chapter to walk you through the process.  Chapter 9... If you buy the book and only to listen to or read chapter 9 - my review has done its work! Enjoy.

Nicky Moore (Business Owner)

What goes around, comes around.

I've already made changes. I now have learnt it's ok to step away from negative.  It will make a big difference in anyone's life, who is ready for a change. It's clear a lot of research has gone into this book. 

Georgina (Business Owner)

Ife's Online Course.

What are The Benefits?


Powerlift your Career

Learn proven methods and techniques based on Pycho-Cybernetics, Science, Philosophy, Physics and personal success principals.


“I AM” Challenge.

Our mission is to empower the world by creating wellness tools for the mind that advance humankind. 


Supporting Children

Proudly supporting Action for Children to protect and support children and young people, providing practical and emotional care and support. 


Take Action with
The Confidence Star.

Take control of your mental health


Feeling GOOD is the KEY

The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
The Confidence Star!
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Do You Worry That You Or Someone You Know Might Be Lacking Self-esteem Or Confidence?  

The Confidence Star Is Like Anti - Virus Software For The Mind.

Twice a day keeps negative thoughts away. Try it, you've got nothing to lose but so much to gain.

The Confidence Star is a great way to build confidence.

Your ability to stay positive and maintain positive thoughts determines your happiness in life.

I’m Ife Thomas, and The Confidence Star is my gift to the world.

I’m often called The Confidence Queen, and spreading self-confidence and positivity is what I’m passionate about. But here’s something that may surprise you: the reason why I understand the importance of confidence is because I haven’t always had it myself.

I didn’t like myself very much when I was growing up and, what’s more, as a person with autism, I often felt lost and found it difficult to figure out the world around me. I only began to gain confidence when I learned how to dance and went on to have a successful career in entertainment, before becoming a mindset and confidence coach.

Life was good, but everything changed when my first son, Quincy, was diagnosed with autism too. When I read through all the literature about autism, I noticed that autistic people often lack in self-confidence and self-esteem, and this can have a huge impact on their mental health. So, I started thinking about what I could do to help counterbalance that and I remembered how, in the world of personal development, everything boils down to one thing: the power that comes from the words we say to ourselves.

I felt that if I could teach my son how to like himself and believe in himself, then that would be the greatest legacy I possibly leave. So, I developed these powerful affirmations and asked Quincy to say them to himself in the mirror every day. He wouldn’t do that, so that’s when I hit upon the idea of putting those words actually onto a mirror and asking him to read them out. That’s how The Confidence Star was born.

By reading the words, Quincy wasn’t consciously aware that he was looking at himself, but he still felt the power of the words. His confidence soon grew and he changed from a boy who didn’t want to speak to anybody, to a boy who was relaxing into himself, smiling and laughing. It was astonishing.

Other parents saw the change in him too and they started to ask me about the words that Quincy was saying to himself, because they wanted to use them to help their children as well. When I told them about The Confidence Star, it soon became obvious that this was a product people wanted. After all, doesn’t every mother and father want their child to like and believe in themselves?

Now, The Confidence Star is in homes, schools, hospitals, nurseries and so many other places all around the world. Children use it, adults use it, and the feedback that I get about it honestly takes my breath away. People say that it has changed their lives for the better.

Now I hope that you and your family will be able to experience the power of The Confidence Star.



How did you first hear about the Confidence Star?

I am the manager at a breakfast and after school clubcatering to children aged 3 to 9 years old. Ife’s sons joined the club and I was lucky enough to learn about the star from Ife and her boys. When I heard about it, it seemed like such a lovely thing to do. Ife kindly donated a star to the club, and we began saying it every day with the children.

How did the children take to saying the affirmations each day?

I noticed there was one boy who struggled with the line “I like myself” which seemed astonishing to me. It made me realise that children don’t just naturally have high self-esteem. So, we set about saying the words on the star and by the end of the week, the boy was saying them all and beaming.

What impact has it had on the children?

I’ve noticed a marked difference in the children over the months we’ve been using the star. They are more engaged in conversation and are much more able to express themselves. They are also more inquisitive and much calmer! It was brilliant because we were all able to talk about the star and it has helped us to foster an environment where the children care for themselves and each other.

Why do you think it works so well?

I think it’s because you say the words while looking at yourself in the mirrored surface of the star. We all have busy lives, taking a minute to say the words is your time and an opportunity to value yourself.

Do you use the star?

Yes, every day, it’s on the wall in the bathroom at home. The first time I said the words I felt like a weirdo! But I’m now a lot more confident. I’m a manager and I’ve learnt to take feedback. I used to cry at anything and take everything to heart. I often felt worthless and suffered with deep depression. Ife and the Confidence Star havechanged my life. My wife used the star too and it’s given her the self-belief to go for a job interview and push herself in her career.

What would you say to people who don’t have the Confidence Star?

Buy the star! The star is not just a star, it has a deeper meaning. The words mean so much, they touch me in such a way that makes me feel confident and happy. It sounds silly but saying those words has such an impact that people don’t realise until they try it. I’d say give it a go and give yourself a chance and see how it changes you.


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