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This is an instruction manual that is easy to follow. Ife Thomas the author knows what it takes to reach physical fitness as she is a trained professional dancer. When you work out your mind the same way you work out your body you will become a peak performer.  You will learn proven methods and techniques based on Quantum Physics theory on mindset, Pycho-Cybernetics, Philosophy, Physics and personal success principals.  Each chapter will show you exactly what you must do to not only survive but thrive in your career and life.

 The Health Check

A quick assessment, this will help us monitor your progress during the course. We will revisit your assessment scores very close to the end of the online course. This will help you and me to record your important gap. Everyone improves! 


Training Video 1 Welcome & Start with Something Light

In this session you will be asked to do ONE thing. Decide exactly who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. Clarity is the first step, being crystal clear is the starting point of achievement.  I encourage you to create a vision for your life and a vision of who you want to be.

I understand that it is uncomfortable and it's very likely you will say: “I’ll do it later.” For most this means: “I'm never going to do it…”

Each module, provides  specific tasks to complete along with instructions on how to complete them.

Each task has been carefully created with clear objectives in mind that are guaranteed to move you closer to whatever you want. You cannot move onto module two until you have decided what you want.  

" If you are not clear on where you are going, any road will take you there".

Your good friend has just moved home and has invited you over for food and a movie, the only problem is he doesn't know his new address. Even if you were really motivated, excited and ready to go, it's very unlikely you will ever get there.

If he can't tell you the street name, town, postcode and ideally the front door number, then you've got no chance. You're basically wandering around aimlessly, hoping and praying that you will eventually find what you're looking for.

This is exactly the same situation you will be faced with if you don't clearly write down what you want.

You can "have", "be", or "do" anything, if you can decide what you want!

Before you even start to think about what you really want, your mind will start to give you a list of reasons why you can't!

So before you have even had a chance to write something down, you will be thinking about all the reasons why it’s not possible for you. If you could do anything in your life what would you do? Who is doing a job you would like to do?

Is there someone in your company flying high that you respect? Who is doing your dream job? When was the last time you couldn't sleep because you were so excited about the work? Out of all the jobs available in the world, what would you happily do for free if you were already rich? What do you want to be remembered for? What are you interested in? When you were younger, what did you want to be? I'm not going to tiptoe about because time is ticking. 

Stop being afraid and stop saying: “Well I couldn't do that”, “I don't have this”, “I don't know them” or “I'm too old, I don't have those skills”.

This is all about thinking bigger – much bigger – than ever before. Stop being realistic and just dream for a minute. Be honest with yourself.  

Ask yourself what would you love to do?

Training Video  2 How to Become a Winner

In this module you will learn why some people are more successful than others. Learn how to change your thinking so that you can get the job or the promotion you desire.  You will get into the mind of the people society defines as successful and you will learn how winners think. You will be shown how to think like a winner and how to achieve the things you’ve always wanted. This chapter will be the one that gives you the confidence to complete future tasks.

Task 2  Setting and achieving all your goals.

In football, whichever team scores the most goals is the winner. Can a team win without scoring any goals? "No!" So how can you expect to be successful in life without any goals? 

Goals are the difference between successful and unsuccessful people because successful people set them! Everyone else just jogs around ‘the pitch’ aimlessly waiting for the game of life to finish.

The key is to STAY FOCUSED on the important steps that will take you to your goal!  We all get 24 hours a day and even if you take away nine work hours and seven sleep hours you still have eight hours left to do the things that you want do – the important things!

If you currently choose to spend your eight hours watching footie highlights on your phone while playing Xbox on the TV with your laptop perched next to you so you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed while watching Top Gear on your iPad, then this might explain why you don’t have enough time.”

Training Video  3 - Build your core muscle.

Your core muscle is vital and it controls everything that you do. Your core is your self-esteem, how you feel about yourself. In this session, you will learn how to build more confidence and courage so that you can build the life that you want.

  • Section from Task 3 

Create your very own Vision Board

This board is a space for you to choreograph the life that you want. Use the board to display images that represent the things you would like to have, be or achieve in your life.

Look at your list of top 10 goals and find pictures that represent each goal. You can look online or cut pictures from magazines. Choose pictures that represent the image or feelings that relate to your goal. Put everything that you want to see in your life on your vision board.

It could be a picture of the car you would like to drive, or the house you would like to live in. If you want to work for a specific brand – Apple, Virgin or ASOS – then find their logo and put it on your board.

Include anything and everything that symbolises the things you want in your future.

Each image must resonate with you and remind you of the goals that you have set. Each morning before you start your working day, stand in front of your vision board and soak up all the images.

Looking at the images will focus you and remind you why

you’re working so hard and sacrificing so much. The images will act as a visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

 “If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”  

- Steve Harvey 


Training Video 4 Powerful Personality 


In this session you will learn how to win friends and influence people.

You will learn how to get along with a variety of people and how to present yourself in the best light in any social and professional situation.

Developing and maintaining great relationships will do more for your career than any other skill that you can learn.

I will show you how to smash any interview and how to be welcomed and remembered everywhere you go. People will be drawn to you and will look forward to seeing you. You will be the one everyone wants to be around.

• Section from Task 4 Become a great conversationalist and smash any interview. This month, make it your mission to become a great conversationalist. Do everything you can to ask questions and get impressed by others. How to make a great first impression We live in a world where we can log onto Google and find anything about anyone or any company anywhere in the world. If you know the name of the person you are meeting, go online to see what you can find. Most influencers will have an online presence, whether it's their company website or a Facebook page.

Both are often used as a brag site/brag page where people can highlight all their business and personal achievements, some include news updates. This is great news for you! This means that before you ever meet them you know enough about them not to say something that might offend. When you’re preparing your questions in advance, you can deliberately guide the conversation around their favourite topics. In your research look for any common interests that you may have. If you find some this will be a great place to start the conversation.

But remember first impressions should always be about what you can do for them.


Training Video 5 Who do you follow

This gives you the code to unlocking everything you have ever wanted. This chapter will be the key to your personal success. You will learn the importance of having a clear sense of direction. You will know who to follow and why you're following them. This will be the spring board that enables you to fly through the air and land exactly where you want to be. This is the chapter that will show you exactly how and what you will need to do to get where you want to be in your career and life.

-Section from task 5 

How to find your road map?

Start by asking questions. Lots of questions.

Often we might decide that what we want is unreachable. Don’t assume you know the path that you need to take. Make sure you’re confident that the map you're going to follow will take you to where you want to be.

Start with researching.

Find a minimum of five people who are doing the job that you would like to be doing. Next become a detective.

Find out exactly what they did to get where they are now.

Ask them about some of the obstacles they faced on their journey. This is a perfect opportunity to put your conversational skills into practice.

How do I find these people?

First start thinking about the companies you admire. If you were given the choice to work at any company,

which one springs to mind? Find the person in that company doing the job that you want. Then contact them via email or phone or LinkedIn.

Track them down and say this.

"You must have worked very hard to get to the position

you're in…"

Then say......."I'm very impressed by you and I would be very grateful if I could ask you a few questions to understand the path you took to get you where you are today."

Now don't stress, people who have worked hard to achieve success are usually very happy to share their story.


Training Video 6 Feed Your Mind With The Good Stuff

In this session you learn how your mental nutrition dominates the way you live on a daily basis. You will get a master class on how to take full control of your thoughts. You will be shown how to avoid eating mental junk food and where to find the clean foods. You will be introduced to how your suggestive environment is influencing the way you behave and how this directly effects the results you achieve in your work life. We focus on helping you to block out the noise so that you can focus like a laser beam on the most critical task that will determine how much you get paid.




Training Video 7 Pick Your "A" Team 

This session will be the one that stretches you emotionally and physically. This chapter will show and help you to pick a winning team. Your reference group determines how well you do in life. Who you associate with will make you better or make you worse. You will learn why the quote "You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" (Jim Rohn) is completely true.


Training Video 8 Be Known For Being The Best.

In this you will do a full work out, you will be shown how to develop the characteristics and actions that will make you the one to beat. You will be able to immediately adopt these traits and see yourself rise to the top faster than you could have ever imagined.


Training Video 9 Change your thinking Change your Life

Learn to take full control of your conscious mind and learn how visualisation helps you manifest the things you want to see in your life. You will learn how to tap into your bottomless bucket of creativity. You will take full control over your emotions. Have you seen the film Lucy? Well if you haven't it's based on the theory that Einstein only used 15% of his brain and the average human being uses between 2- 5%. In this chapter we will teach you that your brain is so powerful that its potential is almost unlimited and you will learn how to become everything that you are capable of becoming.


Training Video 10 How to keep going?


This chapter may be uncomfortable, but definitely worth doing. This will show you why you must delay gratification and why putting the effort in up front is the only way you can reach your desired destination. You know that you can't turn up at the gym and expect to have a six pact after the first session. You will learn how to systematically engage in consistent action that will prepare you in advance. "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" (Roman philosopher Seneca)

 Training Video 11 

 Training Video 12 Just do it!

The title is self-explanatory, Get your head down and get on with getting on. We prepared you for all the inevitable hurdles you may continue to be faced with and we warn you of all the road blocks that you will encounter on your journey. We basically have packed your bag with everything that you need, we`re sending you on your way to live your life. We leave you with three words, Just Do It Then you will be encouraged to go for it and make your life a masterpiece by doing the work you love and living a life of happiness and fulfilment.