The Mindworkout Method for Schools

Ife Thomas is the founder of the Confidence Star.

Author, Motivational Speaker, Confidence Coach and Autism Activist. 

Something magical happens when you watch a person use The Confidence Star.You see their face light up. There is so much power in saying,  I am somebody, I am good enough, I can do anything, I like myself.

When we affirm to ourselves that we are enough we believe in ourselves. You can build confidence the same way you build a muscle, through repetition, repetition, repetition. 

The Confidence Star is a fast, fun way to teach children to say kind words to themselves. With confidence and self-belief comes academic enthusiasm and personal success.

What to expect...

Ife will come to your school assembly and empower the children whilst teaching the children about the human brain. Ife explains that everyone is born with a superpower and that they all have unique talents.  

Ife has a passion for neurology and quantum physics theory on mindset. Ife will break down complex jargon about the mind so that the information can be learned and absorbed. Expect high energy lots of engagement. The Children will love it! They will leave the assembly feeling really good about themselves.

Our goal is to have The Confidence Star shinning in every Classroom. 

The Confidence Assemblies 

The Confidence Star is a fast, fun, subtle way to build confidence.The idea is that the child looks into the reflective star mirror and says the positive phrases.

I am somebody! 

I am good enough! 

I can do anything!

I like myself!



Teach Children to say kind words to themselves
Ife is pioneering in the field of confidence and positive affirmations and is empowering parents to raise Happy, Confident, Children. 

Mindworkout creates products, services and solutions that are targeted at reducing mental health in children and adults. These tools are proactive, preventive and avoidance based.  Think of it like Anti-Virus software for the mind.

The early years play an enormous part in children’s lives, confidence and self-belief are important skills to learn. With confidence comes the ability to keep growing and maintain a can do attitude whatever the challenge. 

When Ife‘s son was diagnosed with high functioning Autism at the age of two she decided to create The Confidence Star as an Innovative, Fast and Effective way to build long-lasting confidence.

I believe that everyone has a gift, no matter who you are or where you come from, all of us are born with something great! We just need to figure out what that is and by encouraging children to say kind words to themselves is a great place to start.
I am somebody, I am good enough, I can do anything, I like myself.  
I Am.....Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.


Confidence Assembly


"The great thing about The Confidence Star is that the child can see themselves in the Star, to say the words, I'm good enough, an adult would find it hard, but if a child can say those words, the adults surrounding that child are doing a jolly good job"

- Fiona Sanchez - Head Teacher-