“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”


Why do you need a Brand Story?

Think of a movie trailer, before you decide what movie you are going to watch most of us like to watch the trailer.

Why? The trailer shows you parts of the storyline and gives you sneaky snapshots of what to expect. It highlights some of the best parts. The images come fast a furious and you decide after if you are going to invest your time and money.

Your brand story does the same, you share important parts of your story, you give them a bit about your past, present and your future.

Your past is why you started, your present is what you do, your future is the results they will get from working with you. We wrap it all up by concluding with your company vision and mission.

This will engage, inspire and entertain your audience. This is a fantastic way to showcase your offering without having to “sell” 


Clarity let’s discuss your income and time investment goal. How much revenue do you want to generate each month? How much time do you want to spend on your business each day?


Who is your ideal customer/client
Let’s work on creating an empowering, engaging, entertaining brand story video that showcases you and your company.

You can choose which parts, or you can have it all. I will do it all, no stress or hassle for you. I will support you with all creativity along the way. I can absolutely guarantee you will feel more confident showing up online. You will receive much more engagement across your social media platforms.

More followers more views more engagement.
This all leads to more sales! 


Social Media Makeover.


 (All services + VAT)

This FULL package includes everything you need to make your business profitable and start earning ASAP. Below are a list of services you'll receive after purchasing the Ife Thomas's Social Media Makeover package.

  • Brand Story
  • Copy Writing
  • Brand Logo
  • Professional Website/ Online Store
  • Photoshoot
  • IG & Facebook Shop
  • Personal Coaching (5 hrs)

Let's Start Maximising Your Profits!

Pick a service to get started ASAP. You can pick and mix the services of your choice. Add multiple to your cart.

Brand Story

Bring your business to life

Write, produce and direct you on your Brand story video. This will grab lots of attention for your business. Interview style and will be optimized for your business requirements.


Copy Writing.

Build a connection with your audience

Create content and text that engages your audience and resonates with who they are and what they need. This can be used on social media posts, website and all marketing communication.


Brand Logo

Represent your business

Create something new and recognisable by revamping what you already have but making it fresh and vibrant ready for 2021. You get Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and WhatsApp Profile Sizes.



Maximize your revenue

Create a responsive interactive beautifully designed easy to use shopify website/store. This will be where you securely sell your products and services. All GDPR is incorporated and everything will be set up ready to go. You can make money wherever you are.



Make your brand look awesome

Work with my photographer to capture the essence of you and your brand. Work with me on styling, location and everything you need to create your authentic high definition look. We will use these to give your website, social media and all digital marketing and content a fresh feel. You will get five high quality digitally airbrushed and social media ready photos per shoot.


IG & Facebook Shop

Gain social media followers

Social media is the key to gain your first loyal customers to your business. With this service, I'll completely set up with your products with beautiful imagery and consistency across your online shops to gain attention.. 


Personal Coaching & Training

Personal Consulting, Coaching, Advising , Phone support, ect for 10 hrs offered by Ife Thomas.

Social Media Makeover

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We offer a fully satisfaction guarantee with all our services. You're guaranteed to make a return for your investment or your money back.

Contact us : life@mindworkout.co.uk


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