About Ife Thomas

Brian Tracy Certified Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Ife Thomas is an author and speaker who writes and talks about how to build confidence and self-esteem. She is fascinated with human potential and quantum physics theory relating to positive mindset. Ife has lived a jam packed professional career. Starting off as a dancer on the hit show ‘X Factor’, performing on BBC TV shows , creating girl groups, appearing in commercials and music videos. She has also sung on stage with artists like Leona Lewis, Elton John and Paul McCartney.

After sustaining a serious knee injury which effectively ended her dancing career , Ife successfully set her mind to instead talking her way into the Big Brother House which she amazingly achieved in 2010.

After this, Ife changed direction leaving the entertainment industry and made another career U-turn into the world of corporate finance. Ife put away her high-waisted sparkly hot pants and put on a two piece grey suit to the National Network of Chartered Accountants from her living room! It grew very quickly, she moved into an office, employed a team of people and developed a passion for business.

Ife’s new company is called ‘MindWorkOut’ and her first book and audiobook is titled ‘Powerlift Your Career’ “Everything you need to succeed”.

Ife is now a public speaker talking in the areas of business, sales and marketing, personal development, Autism and Conscious Parenting.

Ife has been invited to speak for ‘MIND’ Mental Health Charity, National Autistic Society, Universities, Northampton Council, The Hope Centre and many private organisations. Ife is especially passionate about people development and believes everyone has a gift (to give the world?), something that we are born to do.

Ife dedicates her time to empower and encourage parents to help their children figure out what their unique talent might be. Ife is the founder of the ‘Confidence Star’, a confidence building tool for children and adults.

The Confidence Stars are already in schools, nurseries and play centres. Ife’s dream is to have a Star shining in every home.


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