Mental Health Week a Conversation with Ife Thomas

SEN Parents! This is one to watch! Sunil is a SEN Advocate he is the guy who helps you WIN at tribunals. We speak about how the parents who Shout the loudest are the ones who WIN


I had the pleasure to speak to Nicky Moore, More than a Mum. She is an amazing women with an infectious personality that makes you smile and who has the ability to energises everyone who is closes enough to feel the heat that radiates from from her huge heart.

Mental Health Week and I had the pleasure to interview Daniela Bove-Pope from Rainbow Bridge Holistic Therapy Rooms. Listen out for the take away. I’ve already started using them on my little ones!


Get ready for a mind blowing 🤯 interview with Christel, Author, Coach, Corporate Trainer and mother of two Autistic boys. Shows us how to reduce anxiety in the moment! How what we thought we knew about the brain is not entirely true and that it’s the stomach that is our power source. DONT Miss This! Take the opportunity to get 20 years of Christel’s incredible layers of knowledge delivered to you in less than 20 mins. Loved this!!


I had the pleasure to interview Mary who graduated in environmental science and is fascinated with the human brain. Mary first began to understand the benefits of cognitive learning when she began helping her daughter. Listen out for Mary’s take away. Smart Processing!


Mental Health Week and I had the pleasure to interview Empowerment Coach Kandy Holgate “Relationships play a huge part in our lives and the first relationship is the one we have with ourself“ - Listen out for how to communicate with a loved one around the topic of mental health. So much great stuff. Enjoy! ⭐️ 


This Women Dee is the next big thing for the world 🌍 of AUTISM and individuals who see things differently. This will reframe the way you see Autism. This is like a MASTERCLASS to understanding autistic children and adults. If you are a Parent, Teacher, Career infact a HUMAN you should watch this. Share this to your family friends anyone who wants to learn more about AUTISM and Mental Health 💜


Claire Jones has this wonderful way to help young people understand their emotions. Fantastic Interview don’t miss it! We have had so many brief encounters where I’ve walked away thinking 🤔 wow, I never thought of it like that. Parents! Listen to Claire’s take away about how to really hear your child.


If you’ve ever asked yourself... How can I help my child manage their overwhelming emotions? Then Don’t Miss this incredible interview with Brenda Shankey. After years of empowering young minds Brenda has great methods and techniques that we can start using TODAY! Brenda works in Londons West End in the world of entertainment 🎭 empowering students Urdang Academy I absolute can not get enough of her wisdom and tips. Listen out for her take away!


Mental Health Week! I got to sit down on the Sofa with my best friend Chrissy Caine Classically Trained Singer/Songwriter. The person who taught me how to stop doubting myself and how to NEVER GIVE UP! ”When one door slams try to find a window, or go knock on another door, don’t come back to me until you’ve had 100 no’s“ The entertainment World 🌍 is brutal and cut throat, Chrissy shares how she has survived a 40 year career in Show business..


Mental Health Week and I had the pleasure to speak to Karen Joy Langley from STOP FEELING STRESSED So many wonderful tips and one awesome takeaway. I’m using the great advice with my family.


 Is there a connection between a persons Mental Health and Crime? Tan Maynard spent 14 years Interviewing suspects for the police 👮🏽‍♀️and I had the pleasure to flip the table and ask a few of my own questions about youth and the impact a negative home environment has on a young persons mental health. So many great tips! Not to be missed.


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