Brand Story Creation.

Why do you need a Brand Story?

Think of a movie trailer, before you decide what movie you are going to watch most of us like to watch the trailer.

Why? The trailer shows you parts of the storyline and gives you sneaky snapshots of what to expect. It highlights some of the best parts. The images come fast a furious and you decide after if you are going to invest your time and money.

Your brand story does the same, you share important parts of your story, you give them a bit about your past, present and your future.

Your past is why you started, your present is what you do, your future is the results they will get from working with you. We wrap it all up by concluding with your company vision and mission.



Please answer the questions below.

These will help me create your story!

1. Why did you decide to start your business?

2. Imagine you have a line of eager ready to buy customers queuing up to buy your service or product. Who would they be in your perfect world?

3. If you only had six months to live and you had to pass the business over, what would you tell your predecessor?

4. What are the most common objections why your ideal customer doesn’t buy from you?

5. What are your customers biggest fears?

6. What are you customers hopes and dreams?

7. What groups on social media do you think they have signed up to?

8. Please describe your earliest happiest childhood memory connected to your character.

9. Please describe you earliest saddest childhood memory connected to your character.

10. What makes you so upset that you could talk all day about it?

11. What was the kindest thing a customer has said to you about your product or service?

12. What do you want people to say about you and your business?

13. What is your best quality?

14. What is your company mission?

15. What are your companies’ values and beliefs?

16. What separates you from your competition?

17. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your business? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Once I have collected this information, I will write a script that is authentic, inspiring, powerful and ultimately connects you to your ideal customers.

Next, we will go back and forth to get it just right for you. I want you to feel comfortable with what you say and the way you say it.

Next Step.

Filming day - I will support you virtually step by step.

We will create your set, your style and get everything just right. You can use your phone or bring someone to your space with all the technology. We will work together to get all the shots and collect images and old videos to support and tell your story. 
You will send me all the footage and I will stitch it all together beautifully.

The finished product will be a stunning BRAND STORY that highlights you as an authority in your field.

The wonderful thing about a brand story is that you get to show the world why you and why you love what you do. People will get to know you, they will fall in love with you and your story.

We are going to turn your mess into a message.

Your BRAND STORY is your sales video, it will engage and attract potential customers/clients.

We can use this video everywhere.

We can run a short advert on social media to build awareness of the brand.

This will be a fantastic way to promote yourself to your peers and likeminded professionals.

What next?


See you on the zoom call. I will ask you these questions and get the details so that we can create your BRAND STORY script.

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