Climb to the top of your industry, with PowerLift Your Career

The competition in the job market is fierce, so people rarely offer second chances.

Opportunities are often disguised as hard work.

You don't know in what capacity someone could help you reach your goals. You might have heard the saying that we are six degrees of separation from anyone in the world. This means that the very person you need to know could be a friend of a friend or a mutual contact. Test this by asking six people you know if they know someone who is already doing what you would like to be doing.

If you didn't go to private school and if you don't have a network of ‘happening' friends who want to do business with you, then you pretty much have to build your own network from scratch.

That starts with building your reputation.

Your job is to build a positive reputation in the minds of influencers.

How can an employer trust you with something big if you can't do something small like turn up on time or show up when you said you would?

What I know for sure is that nobody will ever recommend you if their experience of you is somewhat questionable. Nor will they risk you making them look bad.

On the upside, if you are excellent and always amaze people with how reliable and dependable you are, people will be desperate to recommend you to their nearest and dearest, because you will make them look good.

You follow?

Perception is important, but substance is crucial. Talk is cheap, results are all that matter.

I love it when I say to someone in passing, “Yeah, I’ll do that.’ Then when I do it they are shocked. In that one action, their estimation of you goes up by leaps and bounds. Because most people you meet don't do what that say they are going to do. So every time someone experiences you doing what you said you would do, you rise to the top of the reliability ladder. This personality trait will work wonders at work.

For the next seven days, look for opportunities do one percent more than is expected or required of you in every area of your life.

For seven days, amaze and delight as many people as you possibly can.

Next time you're in a situation at work and a senior person asks for volunteers for more work, put your hand up and say: “ME please, I will do it!” Be a proud eager beaver! Even if you have no idea what the task will be, put your hand up and say, “me, me, me, please!” As Sir Richard Branson said: “Say yes, then work it out after.”

A quick story.

I gave this task to a friend and his act of raising his hand and volunteering lead to him being asked to attend the company’s conference in California. All he had to do was go and take notes and be present on behalf of the UK office. His colleagues, who chose not to volunteer at the previous meeting, said he was lucky.

It’s your turn now. Do the same and you will start becoming known for being the best!

Just make sure the right people see you volunteering and then get busy adding value and taking action on the task ahead.

Start asking the important people around you: “What is the most IMPORTANT thing that I can do for you?”

Ask yourself constantly: Is this a good use of my time?
What results are required of me?
So many people get caught up in activities that have no direct

influence on the profitability or success of the business.
Don't get put in a group of unimportant, useless staff.
Make the effort to stand out and build a reputation as someone who is reliable, dependable and the right person for the job, always.