National Confidence Star Day

Monday April 6th 2020 

Find Your Super Power


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I believe that everyone has a super power, something that makes you unique. 

Many children and adults are overly critical of themselves saying,

I’m so clumsy!

I can’t do anything right!

I’m stupid!

I’m disgusting!

I'm forgetful!

Those negative affirmations sink into your mind. One of the best ways to break free from negative self-talk is to say kind words to yourself everyday.

On National Confidence Star Day Ife Thomas will be teaching children the science behind positive affirmations and how they can use the Power of Five to not just survive but thrive in this world.

Parents have the power to shape a child’s life.

As parents we spend so much time choosing the right school, making sure our children get the best education possible.  But what about our children’s mental health? 

We can’t parent our children the way we were parented. It’s a different time. 

As we evolve as humans we learn new ways to do things.

Living in lockdown will create anxiety and stress for everyone.

Use National Confidence Star Day to practice positive affirmations at home.

I will be giving away 5 Stars to the first 5 families to step up to the challenge, send a video of as many family members saying their own personal positive affirmation.

It must start with I AM.....

I AM Two of the most Powerful worlds. For what you put After them shape Your reality.


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