The Confidence Star

The Confidence Star

The definition of Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable, you like who you are and are comfortable with yourself. Arrogance is related to negative personality traits such as being disagreeable, aggressive and this stems from having low self-esteem and being prone to feelings of shame and guilt.

Do any of us know whether our children will be one of 1 in 4 that suffer with depression when they are older?

The Confidence Star 

I believe the confidence star is the best product on the market to stop negative self-talk.Think of it like Anti-Virus Software, a protection tool for your child’s mind.Twice a day keeps the negative thoughts away.

Reasons why you should get one.

It’s a great bonding exercise where you get to encourage your child to believe in themselves in a safe environment. This will help you check whether your child is comfortable saying kind words to themselves.

Peace of mind that your child likes who they are and will resist negative peer  pressure.

It takes only 15 seconds, when we get dressed in the morning we spend time checking that we look ok, this will check that we feel ok. It’s a bit like mental nutrition for the brain.

National Confidence Day will be a day dedicated to encouraging each other to feeling good and use consciously use positive self-talk. The first Monday of September every year. 

National Wellness Day ties in with back to school week and reinforces positive mental health for young people. We will be working with Nurseries, Schools and higher education settings.

Many people are overly critical of themselves, saying, “I’m so clumsy. I can’t do anything right.” “I’m so overweight. I’ll never get back into shape.” “I’m stupid” “ I’m disgusting” I’ll never be any good”

Those words sink into our minds. One of the best ways to break free from such negative self-talk is simply by speaking words of victory. Every day, look in the mirror and declare, “I am somebody, I am good enough, I can do anything, I like myself.

I have been on a personal development journey for the last 16 years. I’ve read over 100 books on psychology, philosophy, Quantum physics theory on mindset, human behaviour, communication, business and personal success.

What I’ve learned first-hand is that you can build confidence the same way a dancer builds a muscle, through repetition and focused attention. You can learn how to be a confident person by learning step by step the same way you would learn the choreography on strictly come dancing.

Parents have the power to shape a child’s life.

I’m a mother of 2. When my first son was 24 months old he was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. I was told that “he will struggle for the rest of his life”. Autism is a neural development disorder that affects 1 in every 100 children in the UK.  I read an article that said 9 in every 10 people living with autism will experience depression and suicidal thoughts.

This is what triggered my need to find out how to make sure that I did everything possible to support my son’s mental health to ensure he would grow up liking himself and believing in himself. I needed to find a way to install in his mind self-esteem and self-confidence.

My thoughts were if I can sleep at night knowing that if anything happened to me he would not only survive but thrive in this world, then I could have peace of mind.

I started reading and learning everything I could possibly find on how to build confidence. There is so much good information out there on how to raise happy, confident kids. So much it’s overwhelming. I have read more books than I can remember and have attended fantastic seminars all over the world.

It’s taken me years to get through all the information and I’ve been trying and testing it out on my own children.

As parents we spend so much time choosing the right school, making sure our children get the best education possible.  But what about our children’s mental health? 

We can’t parent our children the way we were parented. It’s a different time. 

As we evolve as humans we learn new ways to do things.

Mental health is becoming real problem and the early years play an enormous part in our children’s lives.

How can we teach them to believe in themselves?

How do we motivate academic enthusiasm?

How do we WORK on developing Healthy Minds

The Wellness Star is the answer…. Fast Fun easy Take Action with

The Confidence Star

Proudly Supporting Action for Children