Social Media Makeover - Transformation Flow Guide


Why are you in business? What inspires you? Who do you want to attract? Who are you? How did you arrive here? Lots of questions will be asked so that I can understand you and your authentic brand foundation. During this one hour discovery zoom session  I will extract everything I need to start work on your brand story, logo and website. In our second Zoom session further discussions take place around who your ideal customer is and how you currently engage with them. A sales and marketing strategy are briefly discussed and my main priority is to get a clear picture of your past, your present and what you envisage for your future.

ACTION STEPS = I produce your brand story. This will will be the video that we want your customers and potential customers to watch and share. This will have a place on the front page of your website. Think of it as a exciting trailer about you and your business. This will sit on a video platform account like Youtube or Vimeo. Youtube is a great interactive platform to share your content that will enhance your brand and drive traffic to your website.


What is your favourite style? Who do you like the look of? What would you like to look like? How do you want people to see you? Lots of questions to help me create your logo and brand image design. 

ACTION STEPS = Speak to the logo team and begin bouncing ideas back and forth and creating the best look. Organise photoshoots and purchase stock images for your look. Collect all the images and looks that we can use on your website. As soon as I am happy with it, I will present you what we have created. Next is the fun bit you can tell me what you like and discuss any changes you would like to see. I will send our instructions back and we will design accordingly. 


Start building the website on the Shopify platform. Shopify site is your online shop window and it's a platform used to sell your products and service. The great thing about Shopify is it has everything you need for your customers to purchase your service from a great looking theme designs. You have a shopping cart and checkouts, you have payment systems that supports all different payment types. You have data analytics built in so you can see who and where the people are visiting from. You can breakdown every click to see what products they are looking at and how long for. One of the popular metrics is the abandoned shopping cart. You can use to retarget the people who were one click away from purchasing. You also have an integrated customer list with contact information that can be easily exported to your own CRM system (mailing list ) Shopify provides user friendly templates and themes that we will choose to customise the look and feel of your site. Shopify has great integrations and hooks into others systems.

ACTION STEPS We will organise and set this up for you. I will be in constant communication with the web designers. I will present to you your website when I am happy with it. Next you can tell me what parts you would like to change or tweak ready to for launch.



How do you sound? How do you speak? How do your customers hear you? What is your tone? Who do you resonate with? What do they like about you? How do they understand you?  Build a connection with your audience create content and text that engages your audience and resonated with who they are and what they need. This will be used on social media posts, website and all marketing communication. 

ACTION STEPS = Create the copy for the website and sales copy for your customer engagement and email marketing campaign. The copy will be something you can reuse for social media and messenger enquires. 


Synergy and consistency across all your platforms. New improved version of you and your brand that will be represented online and in all of your correspondents.

ACTION STEPS = Upload new profile pictures, banners, copy and image layout. I will grow your audience with an advert that will get fast followers. Then we will target your ideal audience with a sponsored ad. Next we will announce a new product or service that will drive eyes to your new look and will be great for engagement. 


This is the handover phase where I deliver your Social Media Makeover Service. I will provide operational training on how to use your social media platforms and how to automate your website engagement and how to manually update and make changes on your website. How to create a blog, how to add a new product, page and everything you need to administer your website. I will also provide you with a final two hour strategic planning and coaching session in preparation for your Christmas launch.

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