six degrees of separation

"You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own acres of diamonds."
- Earl Nightingale
 Most of us are un discovered diamonds . A diamond doesn't look like a diamond in it's original form, it resembles a rock at first glance. It only becomes a diamond after it has been cut, polished and shaped.
The most successful men and women of today often share their rags to riches story. 
Its definitely a misconception that the people doing well around us were  born happening and fabulous.
However I understand why its easy to think that. We live in a world of SnapChat filters, we can show the world how we effortlessly dazzle and shine from morning to night.
Its interesting when you get up close and personal and peel back the layers, most people are genuine and we have more similarities than differences.
When you set a goal and get serious about where you're are going, you quickly discover that the people who can help you are easily accessible through your existing network of friends.  
You don't know in what capacity someone could help you reach your goals.

You might have heard the saying that we are six degrees from anyone in the world. This  means that the very person you need to know could be a friend of a friend or a mutual contact. Test this by asking six people you know if they know someone who is already doing what  you would like to be doing.
If you didn't go to private school and if you don't have a network of ‘happening' friends who want to do business with you, then you pretty much have to build your own network from scratch. 

So start where you are!
Does anyone know someone who knows Oprah?  Just a thought. 
Enjoy the weekend

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