5 things you must know to Reach Your 2019 Goals

Let me ask you... what is it you’d like to achieve over the coming year?
By this time next year what would you like to look back on and say yep! I did it?
From my own personal experience I’ve learned that you have to be specific about what you want. So it’s not about what you don’t want it’s about what you do want, something that you can measured, something that you can quantify, something that you know when you’ve  reached it. 
Example “I want to redecorate every room in my house”  A child could look over your house now and then check in a year and be able to see clearly if you reached your goal or not. 
Be very clear about the result you want NOT the activities.
My Goals!
  • (1)🎯to get my son Into a great school that believe what I believe about enhancing children’s individual Education Needs. 
  • (2)🎯 is to place the Affirmation star in 1000 homes across the uk  they are in about 120 so far.
What’s your goal for 2019?
 How do you set a goal ?
  1. Decide what you want (Destination) 
  2. Imagine having it, believe it’s possible (create a vision, soak up the feeling of how it would feel when it’s achieved) If you can hold it in your mind you can have it in real life.
  3. Ask someone who’s been there before and create a plan and follow the steps they took.
  4. Take action start moving forward, adjust your approach when faced with road blocks, go around over or under but never loose sight. 
  5. No matter how bad it gets never give up and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. 


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  • Terry Althorpe

    You are absolutely amazing Ife. You make my difficulties with Chloe seem pathetically minor.

    Terry from Kettering

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