Give your Child a Chance to Shine with The Confidence Star

My goal is to empower parents to encourage their children to believe in themselves.

To create a universe where every home has a star.

We are all stars and the problem is that some of us don’t know how to shine. The mind can be a dark place once you think negatively about yourself. The only way to counteract the darkness is to use its opposite. What is the opposite to darkness?

What do stars do? The shine!

Well that’s why I created The Confidence Star, I would like you and your children to shine.

My passion is people, helping people to build confidence so that they can go on and become everything they are capable of.

I am not enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not clever enough, I’m not good enough,  is what poisons our thoughts.

The conversation you have in your head, is a stream of messages that are received by your subconscious that are saved onto your minds hard drive. Then those messages are like viruses that corrupt your operating system which then infiltrates your brain and establishes a habitual way of thinking that influences how you behave.

I Am, two of the most powerful words it’s what you say after them that shapes your reality.... Stephen Presfield says that most of us have two lives the life we lived and the unlived life.

Give yourself, your child and everyone you care about the chance to shine with The Confidence Star.



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