Learn what the BIG BRANDS know about Digital Marketing.

Learn what the BIG BRANDS know about Digital Marketing.

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I am so excited to introduce you to Helen Bazuaye, she is an Award-winning creative content director with 20+ years’ experience producing consumer and branded content for national publications and global brands.

I have had the pleasure to work with Helen this month and I have seen instant positive changes in the way I present myself to my online audiences. 

This is why I am inviting you to this 1 hour Zoom on Thursday 9th July  7-8pm

Bring your note pad and expect to hear some great ways to position, your brand business and your message out to the digital and print world. 

The attendees are likeminded professionals who are keen to learn new ways to grow their business. Now is the time everyone is online!

Q&A will be available.

Zoom Invitation: Thursday 9th July 7-8pm

I have spent many years in sales and marketing to the point where much of my business was generated from sales training. However so many things that Helen spoke about I had not even considered. Sometimes you can be so wrapped up in the daily running of your business you cant see what other people can see.

I had so many 'agh' 'ha' moments and it was comforting knowing that with Helen's guidance, I could make some instant small changes that immediately repositioned me as a brand and resulted in some new business opportunities. 

If I have personally invited you it's because I truly believe this will take your business to a new level and will help you engage with your audience in a slicker way.


• Content strategy and planning

• Cross-platform copywriting

• Commissioning and editing

• Pitching

• Social and SEO

• Brand journalism

• Ideation, concepting, content creation

• Client and project management

• Creative team leadership

 Zoom Invitation: Thursday 9th July 7-8pm